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[NEWS] (RUMORED) List & Lyrics of Unreleased Miley Songs

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This is a rumored list of unreleased Miley song:

Blame On Love
Like a fire
Time to dance
So Not Over You
Somewhere Only We Know
Heaven & Hell 2010 edit [re-recorded version]
Broken Glass
Unfinished song
The way you made me laugh today
So far so good
Jesus takes the wheel cover
I love rock n roll cover
Empty Shadow
Light your face with gladness
My old friend, My old guitar
Across The Universe
This Moment In Time
Finally Home
Southern Girl
He Needs Me
Gotta Let You Know
Off Your Mind
From Me To You
In Reality
Wonderous Me
Falling Apart

Lyrics to the chorus of Broken Glass by Miley Cyrus:
Have you ever felt like you need to start over,
be a new person and be set free?
Sometimes, do you ever feel
As if you’re looking through broken glass
With a broken future and shattered past?
Don’t let the what-if’s or should’ve been’s
hold you back.
It’s your time and your dreams.
Be a sun shining bright
Not a cloud dull and dim
You can change the world
And bring the light.

Lyrics to Southern Girl by Miley Cyrus:
I remember ridin’ horses
Playin’ on a tire swing
Havin’ little picnics watchin’
Leaves fall off the tree

I love pickin’ flowers
Puttin’ my feet in the creek
Listenin’ to the birds sing
While playin’ hide-and-go-seek
These may sound like li’l things
But they mean a lot to me
In the country there ain’t much
But much and what I need
I’m a southern girl
Big things don’t really matter to me

I don’t care what ya’ll see
Out in the big city
I don’t know your so-called music
Just give me country

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