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[REVIEWS] First round of reviews for “LOL: Laughing Out Loud” from India

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Lola is a happy-go-lucky youth who has issues aplenty to deal with — friends, boyfriends, parental pressure, exam stress, a helicopter mom…. Will she be able to handle all with care?


Agreed it’s a remake of the 2008 French Film LOL: Laugh Out Loud, but then there are many reasons to watch LOL. First for its handling of teens and their issues aplenty: they want to look as if they do not care when they actually do; SMSing and FBing is what they swear by; they cope each day to love, live and LOL (Laugh Out Loud); they don’t mind drooling over teachers; first time crushes and virginity issues are their driving forces. And then there are more — shapes of their assets, dealing with heartbreaks, infatuation…. On the other hand are parents with teens they find difficult to handle: the protective instinct of mothers; decoding teen lingo (and swear words); coping with teens who have iPods plugged into their ears just when they want to have a word or two; monitoring teens who want to get quick and dirty; ensuring teens make the right choice (bad lingerie is for girls with a bad future), teens and their diaries….

Lola (Miley Cyrus) has just had a breakup when she starts finding love in Kyle (Douglas Booth). The two of course get on like a house on fire. But then teen love has never been that easy — one misunderstanding leads to the other. Teen life too has never been that easy — Lola has what she thinks is a helicopter mother to deal with simultaneously. After all, mom needs to know everything. All this and more till the two decide to let each other grow up. Generation gap, did we hear?

If Miley Cyrus’s Lola does not care about the population of China but wants to hurt those who hurt her, Douglas Booth is perhaps the perfect guy every girl at Wrigley High School wants. But then it’s Demi Moore’s Anne that walks away with all the applause. Watch her as the confident liberal woman who thinks every woman has the right to sleep with the man she wants (In her case, it’s her very own ex-hubby). Watch her as the not-so-confident liberal mother who wants her daughter to sleep with ‘only and only’ the right guy. In fact, Demi and Miley do bring out the special bond mothers and daughters share today, even in this online world. For the rest, it’s over to the music — I won’t let you go, to name one.

Want LOL (Lots Of Love) this V-day? Watch it!

Tip off: Can’t live with FB (moms and dad who can’t get over teens and their it’s-my-life-funda) and without FB (high school teens who are not interested in senior conversation)? This one’s for you!

Prajakta (Mumbai)
Its an amazing movie! A very cool mother-daughter relationship! Wanna watch it again! A must watch ppl!

Nomesh (Jaipur)
Amazing cinema to watch after a long time… Miley Cyrus has done an outstanding job as usual… She is looking awesome… Ashley and other co-star has also justified their part. 5/5


So first of all, I never watched the original french version of “LOL”. This was the first experience. I wanted to watch this movie from a very long time, since it watch announced that Miley will be in the starring role. And the movie definitely satisfied all my expectations I had from over a year! It has everything – romance, drama, music, fun and most importantly LOL (Lots Of Love).

The movie mainly focus on mom, Anne (Demi Moore) and daughter, Lola (Miley Cyrus) relationship, how they are similar to each other, even in this modern age connected by all the social networking and media. The movie begins with Lola (also called Lol), how she wants to spend the year at the school; her relationship with Chad, Bffs with Emily, Kyle, and the others at school, the battle of the bands etc. Soon it turns to be the broken-heart relationship with Chad and connection with her buddy Kyle (Douglas Booth). Lola doesn’t care about anything else but wants to hurt those who hurt her. Coming to her mom, she’s the one who loves to date her ex-husband (after divorce!). It further leads to misunderstanding and comes another love interest with a cop!

Watch the movie, there’s twist in-between… bff fights, get-together, break-ups, re-unions etc. There’s jealous, friendship, hatred, music and love (a fun trip to Paris) in it. One more thing I love the most, is how Anna (Demi) and Lola (Miley) love each other and have their cute and lovely relationship throughout the movie. It does have good music as “I Won’t Let You Go” which will be played by the school’s band (leaded by Kyle and others) to name one. Totally, its all bout the Teen-life! The movie has a happy ending with finding true love (in both ways). Finally at the end of the year, the lesson that Lola learns is, “You don’t have to pretend to be someone else to find your true Love, Just Be Yourself!“.

# FACTS [might be spoilers]:

  • The song “I Won’t Let You Go” (“Heart is on Fire” by Jonathan Clay) is featured twice; the 2nd one is dedicated from Kyle to Lola.
  • Also features “The Big Bang” from Rock Mafia, twice!
  • LOL in this movie really stands for “LOTS OF LOVE”
  • Lola kisses 4 different persons (among them one is a girl)!
  • There is not even a single song or music from Miley [except for the part where she sings along with her playlist!]
  • Lola breaks-up with Kyle too!
  • The movie takes a turn when Anne reads Lola’s Diary!

You will definitely love this movie, no matter if you’re a fan of Miley or not. It is a perfect movie for all the teenagers (even their moms!) to watch. I will give it a 9 out of 10. Hope this movie will be a hit! Can’t wait for y’all to watch it when it releases world-wide!


Script Analysis -
Lisa Azuelos and Kamir Aainouz’s screenplay, based on a 2008 French film of the same name, is targeted at the Facebook generation. The writers have superimposed several elements common in the lives of city-bred teenagers on a rather ordinary teen love story. As a result, the screenplay is such that it appeals only to teenagers, especially girls who vie for romance. All the typical elements of a youth-oriented drama are present in LOL: hot-looking boys; some casual conversations about sex; girl-girl bonding and mother-daughter bonding; and a little sex. Why, there’s even a girl-to-girl kiss in the film! All said and done, the script is boring for almost everybody other than lovelorn teenagers because of its repetitiveness and because there is no real conflict in the story at all. Moreover, the fun element in the film drops drastically in the latter half, something that even the teenagers will not like too much.

Star Performances -
Miley Cyrus puts up a very good show. She is completely believable as the confused American teenager. Demi Moore (as Anne) looks her age and does an okay job. Douglas Booth (as Kyle) impresses. Ashley Hinshaw (as Emily) looks beautiful and does a fine job. Thomas Jane (as Lola’s father) is alright. Jay Hernandez (as the young cop) does well. George Finn (as Chad), Ashley Greene (as Ashley), Adam G. Sevani (as Max), Austin Nichols (as Mr. Ross), Marlo Thomas (as grandmother), Jean-Luc Bilodeau (as Jeremy), Fisher Stevens, Gina Gershon and others offer good support.

Direction & Special Effects -
Lisa Azuelos’ direction is suited to the script. She is able to make the narrative breezy and interesting in the first half but fails to hold the film together in the last few reels. Background music, by Rob Simonsen, is very good. Kieran McGuigan’s cinematography is stylish. Production design, by Happy Massee, is okay. Myron Kerstein’s editing could have been better.

The Last Word -
On the whole, LOL is a dull fare. It will do very limited business in the Indian multiplexes. What’s Good: Performances of the actors; a few scenes that will appeal to the teenagers, especially the girls. What’s Bad: The ordinary and simplistic script; the excess of mush and romance which will put off a section of the audience; the absence of any real conflict in the story. Verdict: LOL is an average chick flick. It will do below-average business in India. Watch or Not?: Watch it if you are an adolescent.

Source: IndiaTimes.com & KoiMoi.com & Manu4evaMiley

5 Responses to “[REVIEWS] First round of reviews for “LOL: Laughing Out Loud” from India”

  1. Cyrus Virus Says:

    When’s it coming to Australia already? I feel like I’ve been waiting forever; and they just keep teasing me with little previews, snapshots and trailers right when I’m about to give up.

  2. Manasa Says:

    hey thnks for including my REVIEW :)
    im so glad i watched the movie and wrote the review(#2)

  3. Tina Says:

    When is it comming out!?!?!?!??!I CAN’T WAITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

  4. Prajakta Says:

    U took the 1st review from India times, right? ‘Cause I can see my comment over there. :D
    LOL’s definitely the best movie so far!!

  5. jon Says:

    just watched the premier today in singapore.
    and i got to say IT IS AWESOME!
    i am a HUGE miley fan. and i got to say she have definatly grown up ALOT! it’s a totally deserve to watch if your a miley fan. but for those which aren’t why not just give it a try. you would be suprise :D
    9/10 :)

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